Management Made Easy

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We’ve been there. Managing one or two rentals while trying to juggle regular work and family can be a challenge. Then deciding if the numbers allow enough to hire a property management company, and if so, will they make sure it’s treated well? Will it just be one of many properties that may or may not get rented? And what about the tenants? One bad experience and you know what we’re talking about. Our approach is unique and quite simple: we target a very specific housing group and we don’t charge a dime for our management services.




​Over the years we have built a company and a reputation that allows us to market to those looking for executive (furnished) housing, whether it be for a job contract, short-term situation, or relocation need. With a solid network including a number of corporate clients and a repeat customer base, we carefully analyze our location needs and add homes as needed. Our goal is simple: We want to ease your management burden at NO COST to you!

Management Made Easy

Having all been landlords ourselves, our goal is to take the stress and burden off your shoulders. From marketing to interviewing and screening tenants, to moving them in and ensuring the property is well-maintained, we take pride in every step. Here are some things we offer once a property has been accepted into our program:

• We DO NOT charge a management fee.
• We pay you fair market value for your rental.
• Your monthly rent check is set up as an automated bill pay direct from our bank so you can expect it in full and on time each month.
• We provide the furnishings for your home based on its style and clientele.
• We never allow pets (with the exception of service pets).
• We pay basic utilities.
• We maintain the interior of the house as well as the lawn and snow removal (if applicable).
• We take care of minor maintenance and repairs.
​• We provide a home warranty package that covers your furnace(s), air conditioning unit(s), hot water heater(s) and major appliances!